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Is it just me or is the voice very hard to understand?

The one on the Memrise course was much clearer

November 28, 2016



Yes, some words on the TTS are pronounced wrong and we're trying our best to fix this by disabling audio for sentences containing the words pronounced wrongly in the beta phase.
We are considering our options (one of which is going with recorded audio instead).
We will have to wait and see what we could to, but it the mean time, disabling wrongly pronounced audio sentences is our only option.


I've noticed a lot of "m" sounds being placed at the end of words. And there is no explanation for it. Does anyone know anything about that? Could it just be the speaker's dialect?


It has nothing to do with dialect. The voice is a text-to-speech that seems to have some severe issues with Romanian (e.g. it pronounces "eau" just like in French). Maybe it was adapted from another language?


I got caught by that yesterday. The word was cărții but I would have sworn it ended with an N or M, and with the odd pronunciation of the vowels sometimes, I was at a total loss trying to figure it out. And it wasn't even a word I could work out from context, either.


I think the automated voice does not make a clear distinction of a, â/î and ă, in some words.

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