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"Η γάτα είναι πίσω από την κουρτίνα."

Translation:The cat is behind the curtain.

November 28, 2016



DL speaker pronounces cat like "rata". Isn't it like "gata"?


The sound of gamma before back vowels is [ɣ], which does not exist in English -- it's the voiced version of χ before back vowels which is the "ch" in "loch" or "Bach" for some speakers.

This back gamma sounds similar to the "r" in most dialects of French or German (Greek: velar fricative; French+German: uvular fricative).

It isn't the "g" of English.


This was the hardest sound in Greek for me to get used to. (χ was fine, maybe because I learned German when I was younger).

Isn't French / German 'r' usually uvular rather than velar?

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