"Eu vin, dar tu mă vrei?"

Translation:I come, but do you want me?

November 28, 2016

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How many words for "but" does Romanian have? I counted already three words. I'm confused.


Well, we have: dar, însă, ci, totuși. Welcome to Romania(n)! :o)


Can you give an example on how totuși is used? In this module, we learn dar, însă, and ci but not the last one. Thanks in advance.

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    Use " totuşi" in compound sentences, when the second sentence disagrees with the first one or when drawing a conclusion that is the oposite of what the first sentence states. I don't know if others will agree with me, but to me " totuşi" introduces more of a personal opinion even if sometimes it's only implied. It is often followed by " nu cred că= I don't think that". I would translate " totuşi" with" however" or "yet". Ex: " Eu o să vin, totuşi nu cred ca e o idee bună"= " I'll come, however I don't think is a good idea". If you replace "totuşi = however" with " dar= but" is still correct. You can also replace " totuşi" with "deşi"= "although " Another Ex: " This car is red and big, and yet, I don't like it"= " maşina asta e roşie şi mare, şi totuşi nu-mi ( nu îmi) place". Or it can be " this car is red and big, and yet... I like it= maşina asta e roşie şi mare... şi totuşi îmi place". Here also " and yet= şi totuşi" can be replaced with " but=dar" and still make sense.


    Thank you for the detailed reply, Leo-Io. Lingot for you.

    Your explanation raises another question for me. Based on your description, it seems totuşi (RO) is similar to sin embargo (ES), which could mean "nevertheless". Would nevertheless be a good translation for totuşi?

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      You're welcome!...and thank you! You really didn't have to give me a lingot...muchisimas gracias! Oh God! Now I want to learn Spanish too! Yes you can replace "totuşi = however" or "însă= yet" with " cu toate acestea/ astea = nevertheless= sin embargo." But be careful "yet" at the end of the sentence is " încă".


      (There is no option to reply to your thread, so I will reply to my own thread instead.) Leo, thanks for the additional information. The various words for but/however/although/yet is a lot for me to absorb, totuşi I still think because takes the cake for having the most number of synonyms in Romanian. If you do learn Spanish, I think you will have a relatively easy time; the grammar is more simplistic than Romanian. I actually studied Spanish for several years in high school and university; what you see on my profile is me trying to see how much I still remember.

      I have too many Lingots anyway! ;)


      i'm a bit confused because this translation isn't really something i would expect to hear in english. maybe i'm missing something here.


      as a romanian, it looks broken... more like "Eu vin, dar tu vrei (ca eu) să vin?" and for the english one, a "to" in the end would do the trick "but do you want me to"?

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        This sentence is inappropriate..."tu mă vrei= do you want me" ...has a sexual connotation..


        Not necessarily, it can be platonic love, an emotional thing.

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          Maybe ..." eu vin, dar tu vrei (ca eu să vin)?"= "I come, but do you want me to (come)?" " ca (eu) să vin" it's implied.


          No, it isn't. You translated it very well, but the two constructs are not synonymous, as "wanting someone to come/join" differs from "wanting someone" (vrei ca eu să vin versus mă vrei pe mine).

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            Exactly! They are not synonymous. I am with you. It should be:" I come, but do you want me to?"= " Eu vin, dar tu vrei?" "Mă" creates confusion. Sometimes translating word-by- word doesn't work.


            Yes, i want you Duo :3

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