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  5. "Eu vin, dar tu mă vrei?"

"Eu vin, dar tu vrei?"

Translation:I come, but do you want me?

November 28, 2016



How many words for "but" does Romanian have? I counted already three words. I'm confused.


i'm a bit confused because this translation isn't really something i would expect to hear in english. maybe i'm missing something here.


as a romanian, it looks broken... more like "Eu vin, dar tu vrei (ca eu) să vin?" and for the english one, a "to" in the end would do the trick "but do you want me to"?


This sentence is inappropriate..."tu mă vrei= do you want me" ...has a sexual connotation..


Maybe ..." eu vin, dar tu vrei (ca eu să vin)?"= "I come, but do you want me to (come)?" " ca (eu) să vin" it's implied.

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