"The book is just as short as the newspaper."

Translation:Cartea e la fel de scurtă ca ziarul.

November 28, 2016

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"Cartea este tot atât de scurtă ca și ziarul" should also be accepted.


And "cartea este la fel de scurta ca si ziarul" should also be accepted.


I don't think so. It means "The book is all the same like and the newspaper" if you put it word by word. Plus Duolingo has it's own way of doing things, there's really only one answer for everything with Duolingo... :P


I wouldn't use the word 'tot'; otherwise that totally works.


So why is "Cartea e la fel de scurta decat ziarul" wrong ?


Decat is when they are not equal ("bigger than, shorter than etc), ca is when "just as ... as" so when they are equal.


I wrote: "Cartea este tocmai la fel de scurtă ca ziarul" is there some reason for not translating "just"?


in romanian it's weird to use 2 words with the same meaning in the context (întocmai = la fel)... it's either "Cartea este întocmai de scurtă ca ziarul" or "cartea este la fel de scurtă ca ziarul" never both... because it would be logically wrong (pleonasm)


Thank you. I was translating different meanings to the two words: tocmai = just and la fel = as hence the use of the two words which in this case would be superfluous.


While "întocmai" and "la fel" are synonims and I agree to the redundance of "întocmai la fel", I don't think "întocmai" can be used in comparisons expressing equality. I haven't found any reference to such a way of expressing a comparison, nor have I heard it in spoken language. To the best of my knowledge, one can say one of the following: "la fel de ... ca ...", "tot așa de ... ca ...", "tot atât de ... ca ...". Using "tocmai" or "întocmai" in this situation would be like saying "exact de scurtă" or "precis de scurtă", which don't make sense either.


how can you know all this stuff when you aren't even learning Romanian on Duolingo? Are you fully Romanian or something? I am half Romanian. My Dad teaches me (Because he was born there) as well as learning online. How do you do it? You are really smart. :)


Lol, he's Romanian, that's why he knows :) Just like I am. And the only reason why I am doing the Romanian course is because I try to find and report the mistakes this course has.


"Cartea 'e' la fel de scurtă ca ziarul" was "The Suggested Answer" ... while ... "Cartea 'este' la fel de scurtă ca ziarul" was Rejected (Not Correct) ...


I wrote " Cartea este la fel de scurtă ca ziarul " and Duolingo refused


can someone explain the meanings of la fel de, mai, ca, etc pleaseee!!!


"Cartea este la fel de scurtă decât ziarul" should be accepted, isn't it?


No, "ca" = comparing for equality, "decât" = comparing for difference.

"... as short as ..." = they are both (equally) short = ca

"... shorter than ..." = one is shorter than the other = decât

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