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Assigning assignments

How can I assign an assignment to a student and not to the other students?

November 28, 2016



That's not possible, sadly. Duolingo's classrooms are a relatively new feature, and there are still a few obvious features like this that haven't yet been implemented.


They really do need to implement that feature. However, a work around is to have 30 classes for 30 students. :P Why do they need this feature? It is insane and discriminatory to assume the deaf should be penalized for not being able to use hearing/speaking assignments or that the deaf can't learn a foreign language. It is also silly to not assign speaking/hearing assignments to the students who can use these features.

Further more, it is silly to think that all 30 students are exactly alike and learn at the same pace, and will always be perfect little MENSA Students or Average Students.

My deaf friend is using this site to learn several languages. He turns off the audio, as he can't make sense of it anyway.

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