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  5. "August and September."

"August and September."

Translation:Mis Awst a mis Medi.

November 28, 2016



I'm not sure where this comment should go, so I'm putting it here. I know that the phrases in each lesson come up randomly, but I've been through the "months" lessons four or five times now, and the words for "July" and "season" have not appeared, despite being in the written list for the lessons. (I'm using the Android app, if that matters.)


mis Gorffennaf does not come up because it had to be deleted due a mis-spelling - it has been corrected ready for Tree2 but we cannot put it back into Tree1 because of Duo limitations.

Tymor is in lesson 3 of the unit, so it will pop up at some time.


I've got through the whole set of lessons several times. "Tymor" comes up on the computer, but not the phone app. Thanks for the into about "Gorffenaf." Do you know if it is related to "gorffen"?


Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru (available on the web and as a phone app) gives a couple of possible origins including gorffen + haf.

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