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Latin for Duolingo: Imperatives, Lesson 2

Salvete omnes! Welcome back to Latin for Duolingo. This is an ongoing, unofficial course in Latin; if you would like to catch up with previous lessons, you can find a directory, a classified vocabulary list, and Memrise courses at these links:

From our previous lesson, remember that imperatives are expressed in either singular or plural, addressing one person or more than one. This lesson, we’ll work on some imperatives that come from irregular or deponent verbs, and some combinations of imperatives and infinitives.
There are some verbs that have extra-short singular imperatives:
(dico): dic! / dicite! say/tell!
(duco): duc! / ducite! lead!
(facio): fac! / facite! make/do!
(fero): fer! / ferte! bear/bring/carry!
Deponent verbs form the imperative singular by changing the final -is of the 2nd person singular form to an -e. They form the imperative plural the same way as the 2nd person plural.
(conor): conare! / conamini! try!
(sequor): sequere! / sequimini! follow!
(orior): orire! / orimini! rise!

New Sentences
I / Ite domum! = Go home!
Abi! / Abite! = Go away!
Exspecta! / Exspectate! = Wait!
Vende / Vendite domum. = Sell the house.
Sequere / Sequimini me. = Follow me.
Fac / Facite id iterum! = Do it again!
Fer / Ferte auxilium! = Bring help!
Affer / Afferte mihi cultrum! = Bring me a knife!
Aufer / Auferte ab eo gladium! = Take the sword away from him! (from aufero, auferre, abstuli, ablatus = take away)
Dic / Dicite mihi omnia! = Tell me everything!
Duc / Ducite Luciam ad hortum nostrum. = Lead (take) Lucia to our garden.
Loquere / Loquimini Latine, quaeso. = Speak Latin, please.
Loquere / Loquimini mecum. = Talk to me / Speak with me.
Utere / Utimini hoc poculo. = Use this cup.
Conare / Conamini dormire. = Try to sleep.
Memento / Mementote ostium claudere. = Remember to close the door.
Noli / Nolite matris tuae (vestrae) oblivisci! = Don’t forget your mother! (n.b. noli is used with infinitive form to complete its meaning; obliviscor is used with gen. case.)
Jace / Jacite pilam! = Throw the ball!
Lava / Lavate manus! = Wash your hands!
Memento mori. = Remember that you will die (literally, remember to die)
Da mihi, amabo, plus solanorum tuberosorum tunsorum et iuris! = I’ll have some more mashed potatoes and gravy! (From Latin for Even More Occasions, by Henry Beard. My 6th graders love this one!)

I have more imperatives for you, but since this lesson is late anyway I’ll post this one and hope to get the rest in a lesson later in the week. For all Americans, I hope your Thanksgiving was a lovely holiday. Valete!

On to the next lesson: Imperatives 3

November 28, 2016



Thank you so much "carpelanam" for these lessons, I love them so much, my mother teaches me Father Henly's "Henly latin 1", I'm homeschooled. Please make more. Here's a Lingot.


Thank you! I hope you continue to enjoy these lessons. I've used Henle Latin for many years and I think it's a great textbook. Excelsior!

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