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  5. "Las faldas"

"Las faldas"

Translation:The skirts

February 13, 2013



the sound is very hard to hear .. is the 'f' not clearly pronounced in Spanish? it sounds like 'p'. this was a new word for me so I was trying to think was it /p/ /b/ /v/ which all sound very similar in Spanish, was pretty surprised that it was /f/


Im using my phone and its pretty clear for me. Sorry you guys and gals are having difficulties.


Is the "D" in this silent? I had so much trouble speaking this one. Only after I pronounced it "Las falas" did it finally accept my answer. But someone else said the "L" was silent, am I just missing something?


The L isn't silent, nor is the D. The reason you might not be hearing the latter is because D has a "softer" sound in Spanish, when not at the beginning of words. It's between an English D and hard TH (as in "that") and is pronounced with the tip of the tongue at the teeth, instead of farther back in the mouth.


I can't even remember seeing this word up until now.


She isnt proniuncing the l. 'Las fadas' instead of las faldas.


i agree with undura, the sound is hard to hear


it said it was wrong because I didn't add a extra s in skirts


i accidentally said the skirts (in literal english)

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