November 28, 2016



This question should be reworded, because it can be interpreted in half a dozen different ways: "I" (as in "myself") = Εγώ (the answer currently accepted by Duolingo); "I" (as in the upper case English letter 'I'); "I" (as in the lower case English letter 'L'); "I" (the number 1, sans serif); "I" (the upper case Greek letter iota);

Suggested rewording of this question: "I am a boy"; "I go to school"; "I eat chicken",


Yes, to be precise I've removed it. Not only is it confusing but it's in the "Auxiliary Verb" skill along with full sentences beginning with "I". Thank you for bringing it to our attention.


Jaye, I think it is still here.


Was this in Strengthen Skills? It is not in the incubator.


I believe it was in Strengthen Skills. I completed the skills section right after I did the lessons. I assumed (wrongly) that the location appeared to you. I'll note it in the future.

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