"Tu alegi o pisică, eu aleg un câine."

Translation:You choose a cat, I choose a dog.

November 28, 2016

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Pikachu, te aleg pe tine!


Beat me to it


a alege = to choose

eu aleg

tu alegi

el/ea alege

noi alegem

voi alegeți

ei/ele aleg


sometimes i don't dare to translate the evidence because it looks TOO evident to me ! ALEGI is ELIGO in Latin, same in Spanish ELEGO in Portuguese, the verb ELIRE in French ( j'elis, tu elis...) ELEGGO in Italian., the French and Italian verbs mainly used when speaking about political votations. If not we use CHOISIR in French and SCEGLIERE in Italian.que son ESCOGER in Spanish and ESCOLHER in Portuguese.


și eu aleg amândoi


Does anyone know if it is proper Romanian grammar to use a comma here, instead of a semi colon? Duolingo does this a lot, and I'm curious to know if it is intentional according to Romanian grammar or not.


A comma. There are two separate sentences.


I think that is why the question was asked. In English, a comma does not separate sentences. One needs a semi-colon or a period. What about Romanian? Or is this a Duolingo style feature? It is frequent.


You elect..., I elect... Why wrong???

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