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"Nhà sử học đã nói cái với nhà thơ người thợ mộc?"

Translation:What did the historian talk to the poet and the carpenter?

November 28, 2016



This doesn't make any sense. It should say "say", not "talk".


Or else finish with about i.e. talk about


Still wondering if "noi" means "talk" or "say" in this context. Im assuming the correct translation should be "say"


I agree, the translation should refer "nới" to mean "say".


It also allows 'what did the historian tell the poet and the carpenter'. 'Say' should be permitted, too, though.


You could also say "What did the historian talk to the poet and the carpenter 'about'" as well. It'll still be comprehensive.


in proper English, it should what did he talked ABOUT with.. . And not what did he talked with... . another example of broken english


Say or talk is the same ??? Why not say ??? Can someone explain better??? Thanks


"Say" is not used without expressing an object or a quotation. You can simply "talk" but, if you "say," you have to "say something."


The question currently is "What did the historian talk to the poet and the carpenter?", which doesn't make sense with "talk" by itself. As others pointed out, "about" needs to be added (at the end is most natural to me), or it needs to be replaced with "say" to be proper English.

Since it is a question, it naturally follows the inverted form, where "historian" is the subject, "did + say" is the verb (auxiliary), and "What" is the object. Therefore, your explanation is inadequate because "say" works on its own here whereas "talk" would not.


Or it should finish with about i.e. what did they talk about. I got this right but first iteration was "what historian did talk to the poet and the carpenter". Different meaning but could this also be a valid translation.


Why người only for carpenter and not other people


this sentence is still not perfect, but "nhà" are the classifiers for the ones without "người", at least in the sentence i got


This translation is wrong (broken english). Proper translation should be: - what did the historian talked about with .... or - what did the historian said to ......


You are making a critique of the broken english but your example has the tenses wrong its either "what did h.. talk about with, , or what did h... say to"


"Talk about with.... " or "Say to..." in English

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