"Voi vreți ferestre noi, nu?"

Translation:Do you want new windows, don't you?

November 28, 2016



Closest possible translation is probably closer to "You want new windows, do you not?"

November 28, 2016


Not sure that it is correct in English to add a tag question ("don't you") to a main question; tag questions normally follow statements - eg "you want new windows, don't you?" I would say that "nu" has no equivalent in English in this sentence. In any case, the English version given sounds rather like "foreign English".

May 11, 2018


You do want new windows, don't you...would be better.

June 7, 2018


Do you not want new windows?

December 27, 2017


There are several possible accurate translations for this. The 'nu' is idiomatic Romanian, so probably shouldn't be literally translated (as it isn't in the current translation). Reasonable options are: "You want new windows, right?" "You want new windows, don't you?" "Don't you want new windows?" While technically not grammatically incorrect (as far as I know), no native English speaker would EVER say "Do you want new windows, don't you?" It's both clunky and redundant. There are several translations I've taken issue with, but this is one of the worst.

October 30, 2018


It doesn't make sense, I agree with the first post!

September 6, 2018


'You do want new windows, don't you?

February 2, 2019
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