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Translations - non-native English speakers

I am Italian, and I know English to a decent extent, using it on a daily basis. But it doesn't mean I have a spotless English. I am studying French and German, via English. --- How can users like me use the translation feature? (I would never add content in English, because I would make tons of mistakes of course.)

February 13, 2013



Looking at the translations, it appears most are done by people whose first language isn't English.

Really, just do your best and submit your translation, next you'll see others' translations. This will give you a chance see how you can improve.

Those who are learning French, German etc. using English as a second language are really amazing.


Hmmm... working in the localisation field I am pretty picky about translations. Yesterday I translated one article from English into Italian, in my mind this translation thing should be useful especially for users who are a little less advanced, to peek. I think this translation feature has a good potential, but it should be widened somehow, making possible to translate in more target languages or... I should think about it, but since it is material done for free by users, it could cover many parts that the course is not explaining. :)

Anyway, I will give it a try with German and French as well. :)


I am also non-native English speaker and I'm studying Spanish, on the first two lessons I've take translation tasks to master the lesson, but it didn't add anything to my Spanish. therefore I am skipping any translation exercise until I complete all the lesson.

If I want to master a lesson I take the lesson's exam. because I'm competent enough to do translation

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