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  5. "De marzo a noviembre"

"De marzo a noviembre"

Translation:From March to November

February 13, 2013



What's the difference between "De" and "Desde" then?


From what I have gathered in this exercise, desde is used with hasta and de is used with a.

Example: Desde enero hasta marzo = from January until March. De enero a marzo = from January to March.

I don't really understand why that's the case, but hopefully that helps. Maybe someone else can offer insight into the reason.


What's wrong with saying "from March till November"?!


"a" means "to", not "till". In fact "till" is also the wrong English word. The word you're looking for is "until".


"Till" is not incorrect, nor is it a shortened form of "until," but is instead a spelling variation of the Old English and Old Norse word with the same meaning: "til." If you study the etymology you will see that "til" actually predates "until" by several centuries. The latter appears to have been formed by the addition of the Old Norse word "und," meaning "as far as" to the existing word "til" not the other way around. Both "till" and "until" are perfectly acceptable in Modern English.


I have never understood why people who are lazily dropping the "un" from until add an extra "l."


Till is one syllable and Until is two. You answered your own query, people are simply lazy.


I think til is actually the problem. People try to use the shortened version of until- til but they end up using 'till' which has nothing to do with time.


Grammatically, 'til and till can both be used as shortened versions of until. I agree that till is stupid but that's sadly how it is.


I put "from march through November" and it was incorrect. Duolingo lists "from March to November" and "March through November". Are they missing a translation, are they incorrect on one of the translations, or is there a reason that you can't use "from" and "through" in the same sentence?


Am I right when I say the "de...a" means "from...to", and it is almost like "deste...hasta"?


"Desde . . . hasta" ?? yep


Why is it "de...a" here, when in other circumstances we use "desde...hasta" (such as "El verano es desde el mayo hasta el agosto"?


Hola armoss89: They are interchangeable. In this case Duolingo chose to use "de". But "desde" would be just as good.


En espa;ol no es desde el mayo hasta el agosto. Es desde mayo hasta agosoto o puedes decir de mayo a agosoto. A seria To y hasta seria Until .


Why is it "a" and some other time "al"?


"al" is the short form of "a el" (note that "a el" is not correct, you have to use "al" in that case)


Do you have to capitalize the first letter in the spelling of a month (marzo, semptimbre, etc.) in Spanish?


No. Spanish does not capitalize months nor weekdays like English does.

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