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  5. "I do not sleep yet."

"I do not sleep yet."

Translation:Tôi chưa ngủ.

November 28, 2016



Why is this marked as incorrect? "Tôi không ngủ chưa"


Putting chưa at the end makes a question. Your sentence would translate something like Have I slept yet?


Is this correct? : Tôi chưa ngủ = I do not sleep yet Tôi ngủ chưa = Have I slept yet?



bonus. tôi ngủ trưa = I'm taking a (afternoon) nap./I took a (afternoon) nap. "chưa" and "trưa" are not homonymous but would sound really similar to unfamiliar ears.


Why no negation in the Vietnamese sentence ?


there is, "chưa" means have not [present participle] yet.


Thank you. Thus chua is negative except when used at the end of a sentence, isn't it ?


yes and no. it acts exactly the same way as không does.

  • tôi không ngủ. I don't sleep. literal translation or I won't sleep. possible contextual translation but I'll keep simple and use the present tense from now on
  • tôi ngủ không? do I sleep? literally: I sleep or not?
  • tôi chưa ngủ. I haven't slept yet. different than the past negative "đã không", "chưa" is closer to a negative present perfect tense
  • tôi ngủ chưa? have I slept (yet)? or have I fallen asleep?/did I fall asleep? literally: I sleep or not yet? or not so literally: I have fallen asleep or not yet?

as you can see with both "không" and "chưa", a negative particle placed at the end just means "or not".

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