"That is my wife."

Translation:Das ist meine Frau.

February 13, 2013

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I noticed that the gender of mein/meine depends on the object, not the subject. Might be useful to point this out for students that make this mistake.


I don't understand why they give you DASS like a possible answer, if is wrong!


Same question. Lost my last heart on this. I typed "das" already but double checked to be sure I didn't miss an answer, switched to dass specifically because it was listed and das wasn't. No sense


Why "meine" instead of "mein"? From what I've been shown, I assumed that "meine" and "deine" referred to plural objects, whereas "mein" and "dein" referred to singular objects--at least, this was the case in all the examples given me, until this one.


Whether you use mein or meine depends on the gender of the noun you're talking about. Mein/dein is used for masculine nouns, and meine/deine is for feminine nouns. In this case, you're talking about a wife, which is obviously a feminine noun so you use meine.


why we don't use ( diese ) ???


instead of das, why can't use die?


"Die" is not possible. "Das" is not an article in this sentence. What you could say is Sie ist meine Frau - She is my wife. But that was not the translation required.


While Das is not an article in the sentence, it IS a demonstrative pronoun - That, This, These, Those. From the tips:

"The demonstrative pronouns in English are: this, that, these, and those. In German, the demonstrative pronouns in the nominative case are the same as the definite articles. That means, "der," "die" and "das" can also mean "that (one)" or "this (one)" depending on the gender of the respective noun, and "die" can mean "these" or "those." For example, if you talk about a certain dog, you could say "Der ist schwarz" (that one is black)."

From this information, why isn't Die used? The respective noun in question is "Frau," which is "Die Frau," not "Das Frau." Shouldn't the demonstrative pronoun take the gender of the noun, like it says in the tips and tricks?


Well if you don't understand I certainly don't.


Maybe, maybe not in this sentence. If it was something like, 'See the woman there? That is my wife,' you could (Sehen Sie die Frau dort? Die ist meine Frau), or if you were someplace where you could just point at her and say it, that would be okay too. Is that case, the word 'die' would mean 'she,' and in order to use it, you would first need to indicate who she is.


Why is "Das ist meine Ehefrau" wrong?


I also do think it shouldn't. Report that.


Why can't it be "Ehefrau?" Frau can mean any woman, and Ehefrau would be more specifically wife.


I thought meine was for plural and mein for singular but aparently not.


I slipped up and wrote "Das Frau ist meine". Haha.

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