"El vede banca dinaintea noastră."

Translation:He sees the bank before us.

November 29, 2016

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He sees the bank before he sees us, or he sees the bank that is situated in front of us?


Can the English sentence also mean "He sees the bank before we see the bank"? Mulțumesc!


In SE London, when I was growing up, it was common to hear 'he saw it before me' or even 'he saw it before us' used to mean 'he saw it before i did'. Whether it was good English or not, it was common usage among the children with whom I went to school.

Perhaps because of this, when I first saw the English sentence above, I immediately took it as meaning 'he sees the bank before we see the bank.' It was only a split second later that I realised the sentence could have at least two other meanings and wondered which one was meant!

'He sees the bank (that's) in front of us' is a better translation of the Romanian.


Like the old music hall joke: (Man #1) "How dare you pass wind before my wife". (Man#2) " I'm sorry, I didn't realise it was her turn ".


That isn't good English. You might, possibly, hear it used like that dialectically, but it would be very non-standard and ambiguous.


Whether it's good english or not, that is something that would be said in the Midwest US regularly. I saw the movie before you. Or "i got to the finish line before you." As far add i know, everyone in the US pulls understand what is being said. The intonation of the sentence would make it clear.


'You' has the same form as subject and object, so none of your examples are terribly germane. The first one could be interpreted in either way; getting to the finish line before getting to you is much more contextually unlikely, however.


in front of us is the right form


How would you say 'He sees the bank before us' with the meaning 'He sees the bank before we do'?


'El vede banca înainte de noi.'


El vede banca înaintea noastră


Bancă also means bench. So, "He sees the bench before us" was also accepted.


"He sees the bank in front of us" seems like the better translation based on comments and it was accepted. Duo should change the given translation to eliminate the confusion.


How would one express the former then?


El vede banca inaintea noastră


I spelled inaintea wrong without the a at the end. Would my answered be accepted with the a? (I had the accent on the I)


No. "El vede banca înaintea noastră" means he sees the bench / bank before we do. "El vede banca dinaintea noastră" means he sees the bench / bank that is in front of us.


Which one is archaic? Thanks!

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