"Ea are două fripturi de vită."

Translation:She has two beef steaks.

November 29, 2016

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I want steak right now


Why is veal steaks marked incorrect?

[deactivated user]

    Hi everybody! Could someone please explain me the difference between doi and două? I cannot determine how to use either or.


    Doi is for masculine nouns where you'd usually use un for the singular. Două is for feminine nouns where you'd usually use o for the singular.

    However, neuter nouns use un for the singular and două for the plural, making it not so straightforward. This course doesn't teach the genders of words very well, unfortunately. I've been using flashcards to learn genders which has helped.


    Hey, as I have been told by my Romanian girlfriend, doi is used for masculine words and două for feminine words


    My native speaking partner notes that fripturi would more accurately translate to roasts. Any thoughts?


    friptură actually refers to any kind of meat that is cooked (on grătar (barbeque), tigaie (pan), grill, roasted)

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