"What is the sum?"

Translation:Ποιο είναι το άθροισμα;

November 29, 2016

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τι ειναι το ποσο ...........was marked wrong......γιατι;

ποσο ειναι ............. means........... how much is the sum.


I guess you could say Πόσο είναι το ποσό;" - What is the sum?

"Τι είναι το ποσό" may be a direct translation, but it doesn't quite make sense. It's almost like you're asking about the quality, when the sum is clearly about quantity ^.^

What is, in some cases, used instead of how much. For example:

What's your income?

What's your sum total?

What's the price of this cup?

I hope I helped a bit. ^.^


What's wrong with " Πόσο είναι το σύνολο; ", the suggested answer uses Ποιο?


It's correct, it has been added! Not as common, however.

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