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"Cei care îi citesc băiatului o carte primesc prăjituri."

Translation:Those who read a book to the boy, get cakes.

November 29, 2016



I think that "read a book to the boy" is more natural but at least should be an acceptable alternative. Also in Australia and England cup cakes are a specific type of cake and the word cake is not used solely for a big cake (e.g. fruit cake or some Gateau) but also encompasses small, individual cakes (e.g. eclairs, profiteroles baklava, cataif etc) they are all cakes and certainly not a cup cake (which is a small cake baked in a cup-shaped foil or paper container and typically iced).


I belive they used this order so that you can translate to romanian word for word without changing it... even so, they should have used "read to the boy" not "read the boy"


"those", in stead of "the ones"should be an acceptable translation here .

Those who read a book to the boy, get a ... is a better alternative


the translaten GETCAKES, should have a space in between GET CAKES


Id like to know if the sound bite gives an accurate pronunciation of the word ii? ,(Sorry this android keyboard can't do the accent). It always sounds like a gulp or a clunk through my headphones.

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