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"My future profession is as a doctor."

Translation:Το μελλοντικό μου επάγγελμα είναι γιατρός.

November 29, 2016



καλη τυχη θελω να γινω ενας Ψυχιατρος επισης!


Is δουλειά (Η μελλοντική μου δουλειά είναι όπως γιάτρος) not acceptable? The gloss offered it as an alternative for profession, so I tried using it since it's shorter.


Well, it's not that it would be wrong, but επάγγελμα is the direct translation of profession? Why use another word instead? :P The word δουλειά (work, job) might be easier to memorize and much shorter, but learning some new vocabulary is part of learning a language. By choosing επάγγελμα instead of δουλειά, one can get more familiar with the word's spelling and meaning. ^.^ Sometimes, direct translations are preferred, for educational reasons.


Got the correct answer but was advised to pay attention to the accents, επάγγελμά was shown. I selected words to complete the answer, I did not type it. I did not miss the second accent on this word, it was not there for me to choose.


Please help me understand. From what you wrote I take it this was an exercise where you were given words to choose and one of the words was "επάγγελμά" and there was no "επάγγελμα" available?

As you can see from the top of this page the main translation is: "Το μελλοντικό μου επάγγελμα είναι γιατρός." which as you can see has one accent.

There are times when a word might need two accents but this is not one. So, there seems to be a technical problem. We'll report it.

Thanks for the information.


To say the sentence is not proper English is a bit missleeding, it's a statement. It's 'as a doctor' , not a builder or chef or any other profession . I find this statement acceptable , although ' ως ' is not acceptable which is ' as ' which personally I think it is correct .


Could you also say "είναι ως" to signify "as a"?


I guess it wouldn't quite make sense, I'venever heard of it in spoken greek. I guess you would say "Μελλοντικά θα δουλεύω ως (ένας) γιατρός." - "I'll be working as a doctor in the future." ^.^


There are a few other options here: (1) My future profession will be a doctor. (2) I will become a doctor in the future. (3) My future profession will be a doctor. (4) Το μελλοντικό μου επάγγελμα (θα) είναι γιατρός.


Ειναι σαν γιατρος, would this make sense? Or is it translated too literally from english?


I'm afraid that's a word-to-word translation, and it's not accurate. It wouldn't make sense in Greek. :-$

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