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  5. "Maur er små dyr."

"Maur er små dyr."

Translation:Ants are small animals.

November 29, 2016



Given that both "maur" and "dyr" are the same for singular and plural, would "Ant is a small animal" be correct as well? Or does the missing "en" (en maur or mauren) pretty much directly indicate plural?


For the object to be a singular, you would need the "en/et/ei". So automatically, the sentence contains plurals.


Små is only used for plurals.


Can someone tell me the difference in use of "liten" and "små" ?


The grammar explanation for this chapter says that the adjective small is the most irregular one in Norwegian. They recommend learning the table from memory. This seems impractical so the best I can say is it's one of those strange linguistic anomalies that you just "get" after seeing it in context over and over. English has tons of those irregularities.


'liten/lita/lite/lille' is the masculine/feminine/neuter/singular-definite form of 'small' or 'little'. All of these are singular forms.

'små/små' is the plural/plural-definite form of 'small' or 'little'. These are plural forms.


Thank you so much. I have BEEN wondering this and WISH they would have allowed a "discussion" on the sentence that had a drop down choice between liten and små, but they didn't both times I ran through the exercise. Now I see it, it makes so much more sense. I find a LOT of my ENGLISH language rooted deeply in many of these Nordic tongues, and am enjoying studying them immensely. Grateful for that help, have a lingot, and Tussen Takk!


Interesting that Norwegians view ants as animals, rather than insects


In fact, insects are animals.


So do Americans, and any other true scientific societies. Insecta is a Class of Invertebrate "animals", of the Phylum Arthropoda (by far the largest phylum of all animals in sheer numbers) .


They are viewed as insects.


Hello. I just wanted to know.. Is it normal that the "s" sound is pronounced in "små"? Since it is behind a "r", I expected a "sh" sound.


Why is "maur" the same in plural as in singular? Is this a general rule for monosyllabic words? (For some reason, I thought it only applied to neuter monosyllabic words.)


I have the same doubt. I don't understand :(


Well, I’ve since learned that there are some exceptions. If you get a good Norsk dictionary, it’ll mention when nouns are irregular.


Thank you. Effectively I used wiktionary to control. I have found another site to control words but there wasn't a plural form written. I still haven't found a '' paper'' dictionary in my native language...But I will control later on different websites. Anyway tusen takk for your answer :)

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