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  5. "Chcesz mieć nowy dom?"

"Chcesz mieć nowy dom?"

Translation:Do you want to have a new house?

November 29, 2016



Why is "Do you want a new house" wrong?


We teach "mieć" by this sentence, so it wouldn't really be right to omit it at all.


jellei- i completely misunderstood the lesson at first, and your comment to ziggy69 helped clarify for me. unfortunately i sent in a report (now in error), so i should have checked here first before sending the error report (which should be ignored but i don't know how to retract it).


Don't worry about it :)


Moreover when there's a particular word in English sentence, it should be translated not omitted unless translation has the same meaning without it. In this case "to have" means "mieć, posiadać (na własność, być właścicielem - to own it (the property), to be an owner), so it's rather important imho.


Do you want a new home. What's WRONG with that?


It misses any translation of "mieć" - but ok, many people answer like that, let it be. Added.

[deactivated user]

    Does mieć mean to own as in to be the owner of something or does it have the wider meaning of to have.

    Eg I have a company car. I don't own it.


    Mieć = to have Posiadać= possess,own

    [deactivated user]


      Would "Chcesz mieszkać w nowym domu?" have the same meaning please?


      That's "Do you want to live in a new house?", which we could say is close, but on Duolingo it's a too different sentence with a different verb.


      What about 'do you want to get a new house?' I think we want to change this sentence in English because it sounds kind of awkward. The meaning is understood but it sounds foreign. I assume it is normal in Polish?

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