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  5. "Η Ρωσία είναι στον βορρά."

"Η Ρωσία είναι στον βορρά."

Translation:Russia is in the north.

November 29, 2016


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Would 'Russia is to the north' be a correct translation?


There are three possible ways "north" (same for east, west or south) can be used in a sentence in english.

  • To the north of : Meaning to the northern side of an area.

exp. Nottingham is to the north of London. - Το Nottingham είναι βόρεια του Λονδίνου. (no idea if it actually is, just an example.) xp

  • In the north (of): Meaning in the northern side of an area.

exp. John lives in the north of London. - Ο Γιάννης/John μένει βόρεια στο Λονδίνο.

exp. Russia is in the north. (used as a noun) - Η Ρωσία είναι στον Βορρά. (in general. Plus, if you live in Greece, Russia is generally considered to be in the north.)

  • north of (used as an adverb): Meaning north of somewhere,.

exp. John lives north of London, in Nottingham - Ο Γιάννης/John μένει βόρεια του Λονδίνου, στο Nottingham. Here's an image example:


So, to the north is not a possible translation. I hope I helped ^.^

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Thank you so much Dimitra, that makes perfect sense. Much appreciated. And yes, Nottingham is to the north of London ;-)


Phew, I'm glad I didn't set a weird example. You're most welcome! xD


Just to put a spanner in the works "Russia is to the north" is a perfectly good sentence, but is just not a correct translation of the sentence here. "To the north" means north of where you are, "Russia is to the north" could only be used if you are in Georgia/Azerbaijan/Kazakhstan/China/Mongolia or anywhere "to the south" of those countries.


I think you can point vaguely in its direction and say 'to the north'. It was my first thought. I ended up with just 'north', which i believe is correct in spoken language.


but η πόλη είναι στο βορρά! Is it στο or στον?


It should be στον according to the current spelling rules.


It isnt for η πόλη είναι στο βορρά - this is the answer given


All of us learned Greek with older spellings and many sentences unfortunately have such older spellings where we forgot or were not paying attention.

A new version of the course is in preparation and that one should use the new spellings more consistently.

For the current course, I can only apologise for the inconsistency; it’s not really possible to make changes to the Greek sentences in the released course.


no problem - and thanks. Just wondered if I were going mad lol


Pls, what then stands for "to the north'" in Greek?

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