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"Which girls eat the chocolate?"

Translation:Quelles filles mangent le chocolat ?

February 13, 2013



I had the same question, and I had already asked it a few questions back. This question made me lose all my hearts, so I went to the discussions page of the "questions" topic. In there, there's a whole discussion on quel and lequel.

So, basically, what I got from the discussion page is that:

Quel - which; Lesquel - which one

Putting "Lesquelles filles" would be redundant since lesquelles is already an interrogative pronoun, and it would translate to "Which ones girls," which doesn't really make sense. Quelles, however, is an adjective in that it modifies the noun "filles," making the English translation "Which girls," making it have a lot more sense than "Which ones girls."

Err, of course, I could always be wrong, since I have no other experience in French other than lessons from Duolingo. I apologize if I made this more confusing for others!


Correct. Lequel is a pronoun. Quel is not. If you write "Lesquelles filles," then you are trying to give the sentence two subjects.


The best expanation (short and clear). Ever


In that case, I have a follow up question: In the sentence "Quel est ton chien", where is the subject?


Quel is the subject since it represents the dog that is yours. Which is my dog? This is my dog.


brilliant... so true


My blood was boiling..... Thanks a lot. :)


You mean merci beaucoup Shirley.


I finally got it! it was driving me crazy! thank you!


sounds good to me thanx sauriol


merci beaucoup mon ami/ ma amis ;)


Shouldn't it be mes amis?


Yes. If you want plural.


just as a matter of information: "mas amis' is wrong. It should be 'mon ami' for masculine friend, 'mon amie' for feminine friend and 'mes amis' OR 'mes amies' for plural friends depending on whether all friends are male or female.


you saved all the torment


merci beaucoup! I had the same problem but I get it now (:


Thank you for that......... I was as confused as you were and you cleared it up for me... thank you.


I think you are correct


I had "Lesquelles filles mangent le chocolat?" What is wrong with that?


I had the same :( Don't understand


Quelles is which, lesquel/lesquelles is which ones...?


Same; I used lesquelles. The usage of lesquelles versus quelles is confusing.


I had "mangent du chocolat" and it was counted wrong. Why is "du" wrong here?


In my opinion, it's absolutely not wrong. In spoken French you would say 'du.'


"The chocolate" implies that there is some chocolate that you and the person you are communicating with are both already aware of... "a chocolate" means you are happy with any of the available chocolates. So it depends on context. Perhaps someone stole your chocolate, you would say "give my the chocolate" not "a chocolate"...


Have you find any link clarifying this?


I had the same problem. J'ai eu la même problème.


I have the same question... because chocolate in this example is not subject but object... and would that not make it "du"


what is the difference between lesquelles and quelles?


From what I understand du chocolat means 'some chocolate' whereas the question for THE chocolate, which is why 'le chocolat' is the answer.


I agree, but when speaking in French, most people don't say the French equivalent of 'I want the chocolate' (Je veux le chocolat). Instead, most people say, 'I want some chocolate' (Je veux du chocolat).


Quelles placed next to the noun it is referring to: Which girls are yours?; Lesquelles when the noun being modified is the predicate nominative: Which are your girls?


I used "lesquelles des filles mangent le chocolat ?" why doesn't duolingo put the article ?


There is no way to tell from the spoken version whether the subject is singular and plural--"Quelle fille mange le chocolat" and "Quelles filles mangent le chocolat" are pronounced exactly the same. But I got discounted for putting the singular instead of the plural. Grr!


This is a problem with the audio section of DuoLingo in general in French. Happens all the time if there's not other indication of plurality...


That seems to be a consistent problem with the audio questions. And I agree, so frustrating. Just make sure to report it with the report button, and maybe they'll change it soon. :)


Yet I don´t understand. I wrote "lesquels filles mangent le chocolat?" because I saw in other excercises that many questions started with "lesquels". Is it wrong to start a question using "lesquels" or it´s just another meaning?


Reading the whole post I think I understand now. I'll try again. It´s a matter of redundancy...


It seems the use of du versus le is pretty random. How many other times were we taught je mange du pain/pomme/viande, etc, but this time it's le versus du? Why?


I put quelles les filles... which is wrong. Does it mean that following quelle does not require an article


What about lesquelles sont les filles qui mangent du chocolat?


Why can't one say "Quelles des filles"? i.e. Which of the girls... (it's the same as "Which girls"). Thanks.


Not sure I'll ever be able to be fluent if Quelle, Lequelle, Lequels or any other "which" word is a part of the sentence--Ugh!!

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