"Voi trăiți mai mult decât ei."

Translation:You live more than them.

November 29, 2016

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Does that mean "You live longer than them"?


mot a mot, word for word translation would be: you live more than them (more as in longer, not as in "more exciting"


This makes no sense!


bad pronunciation at "traiți" you can't hear the final "i" and also at "mult" that sounds like "multe"


the singular final "i" cannot be heard in Romanian because it's not actually a vowel but a marker for palatalization. in this case "t" has become "ț" so it is correct that you don't hear an "i" or anything. a better example may be "pot" (i can) and "poți" (you can) since the "-ați" suffix is purely grammatical at this point. one exception is the "i" after 'muta cum liquida' as in "acri" where the word wouldn't be pronouncable without the "i"


Isn't it usual that you don't or barely hear the "i" at the end of a word?

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