"Do you ask me?"

Translation:Voi mă întrebați pe mine?

November 29, 2016



Why couldn't this be just "Mă întrebați?"?

November 29, 2016


It could have been just left as that and the question would be understood. However, from my understanding as I am going through this lesson, if you wanted to reassure to the listener that you are asking him (something in particular) 'pe mine' would be used to make more of an emphasis on the question. 'To whom are you asking? ME?'

April 6, 2017


I see that you study Spanish. As Spanish native speaker, I can tell you that this also happens in Spanish. You can translate this sentence as: ¿me lo estás pidiendo? or ¿me lo estás pidiendo a mí? In the second one there is some emphasis of "me", meaning for instance: how dare you? or is it me and not the person on my left/right? It's a way of showing doubt, anger, incredulity, etc...

May 28, 2018
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