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Should the mobile version (Romanian) already be working on my iPhone?

Hey there! I would love to start learning Romanian but so far when using duolingo I'm quite used to the mobile version. When opening the App I get the alert that the Romanian-English course is not supported on my iPhone. Is that still the case or do I have to change anything in the settings?

November 29, 2016



any news on this? I mean it works already when you switch to "Romanian for English Speakers" in you webbrowser. I works also on your Duolingo iPhone App. I used it already on the iPhone Duolingo App! However, at the end of the session the screen "Unsopported Language: The language pair you are currently learning, Romanian from English, is not yet supported on moble"

Dear Duolingo Team, what is the problem? As it worked already perfectly I guess that is only a tiny little bug with your "Unsopported Language" pop up screen that you have missed. I guess you are unaware of that problem. please fix it. It should be fixed in a couple of hours, cause in general it works already. You have just to prevent the "unsupported language" screen from poping up. I guess that's just one flag in the data base that you have set wrong. Please do it quickly. We are desperatly waiting for it.


I would also like to see Romanian for English on mobile. It makes it so much easier to practice every day. Waiting for lunch to cook; learn Romanian. At the park with your dog; learn Romanian. In bed trying to fall asleep; learn Romanian. On a conference call you only need to half listen to; learn Romanian. Stretching before or after a workout; learn Romanian. Playing a slow round of golf, waiting on the group ahead of you; learn Romanian. Waiting for your Romanian girlfriend to decide on an outfit and fix her makeup; learn Romanian. (and score points because you're learning it to communicate with her mother back in Romania)

Please, at least let us know it's being worked on and some kind of estimated implementation timeline.

Request aside, thanks to all the Romanian for English contributors that worked hard to get the web browser version launched. Much appreciated!


any news on this?


I guess it's a bug and we have to write here in the forum about it, because they have to be aware of the bug in order to fix it. ... they simple forgot to set the "romanian from english" flag für mobile app on "released", so that the app does not show it although it's there


It is not a bug. They are currently DEVELOPING the mobile version. That means that it does work on the web, but not on mobile. If it were a bug then on the next app update Romanian would be available. I have talked with the Romanian's course team members.


Thanks for the update, Romanianpuppies! Have the team members mentioned a possible timeline for first release of mobile version?


About two weeks ago they said it would take a month, so in the next 2-5 weeks it might come up.


It seems like it usually takes a couple of months for a new course to get to the app.

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Romanian from English is not yet available via the iPhone Store. The reverse tree, English for Romanian speakers is though. I enjoyed it.


It's not yet available one the app, although I've just been using the web browser on munch phone and it's been fine.


I wondered about this too! I was doing a lesson and it said my phone wasn't supported. Though in meantime, I seriously need to finish Portuguese and start German & Spanish; I should do Spanish first; my second language.

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