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"Nașterea și moartea nu sunt la fel!"

Translation:Birth and death are not the same!

November 29, 2016



Am I the only one hearing something like "de la fel" instead of "la fel" being said in the audio recording?


Its more like an -a sound after the word sunt than de but it seems quite common in the audio recordings. It should not be there...


I think it's just the way they enunciate the final "t." I've heard this on several recordings, and it makes it seem like there's another syllable.


why are definite articles used here? plz help


In Romanian you always have to use the definite article when it's the subject of the sentence. For example, to say "elephants drink water" you have to articulate elephants: "elefantele beau apă" instead of "elefante beau apă".


@MaartenStaa - You are right about the subject with definite article. But, in Romanian ”the elephant” is a noun of masculine gender, with plural in -i, not in -e. So, ”elephants”=”elefanți” and ”the elephants”=”elefanții”(form with the definite article). In your example, ”elefanții beau apă” instead of ”elefantele beau apă”.


Oops you're right! My bad.


Than how in romanian we say that some elephants drink water (not all or specific grop of)? Because for me elefantii sounds like some specific group of elephants or way to say thay all elephants drink water


Elefanții is either "the elephants" or "elephants" in a general sense. To say "elephants" as in a group of elephants, you don't use the definite article: elefanți. You can also add the indefinite article: niște elefanți


Or "unii elefanți".


I thought "la fel" meant "as" and "aceeași" meant "the same". Could you also say "Nașterea și moartea nu sunt aceeași"?


Thanks for clarifying, Duo, I always thought they were the same thing!

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