"El mă cunoaște pe mine."

Translation:He knows me.

November 29, 2016

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Finally one of the more practical/important verbs, after all the descending, cooling, contributing, fainting, spilling, etc. ;)

a cunoaște:

eu cunosc

tu cunoști

el/ea cunoaște

noi cunoaștem

voi cunoașteți

ei/ele cunosc


The sintax is the same than in Spanish: Él me conoce a mí.


yes, but WHEN do we use this in Spanish ? very seldom, for emphasis only. Romanian seems to use it quite often. no le parece ? pero claro, puedo decir : no le parece a Ud ?


Very seldom? Really? As a native speaker, I often use this in Spanish.


depende donde vive y con quien o quienes esta hablando. Puedo decirle que ni en Guayaquil ni en la Amazonia Peruana se escucha mucho.


Maybe it is the same as in Bulgarian: Мене ме боли зъб (My tooth aches), where мене is a long form (stressed) and ме is short (unstressed) form.


does "PE" mean " A" like in French or Spanish ?


i will answer to my question : YES it means "A" like in French : IL ME CONNAIT A MOI, but we never use it unless as emphasis, that is very very seldom. so I understood the Romanian way of thinking and I will NOT use it unless absolutely necessary.


But the Romanian way of thinking is not that this is for emphasis. Rather, it is the most common way of expressing a transitive sentence, it appears. I agree with you on the meaning, but it appears that to leave off the "pe mine" all the time would be almost like leaving off the "pas" in a French negative sentence and just relying on the "ne."


I'm not sure about the French stuff, but omitting "pe mine" (and all such forms) is very common in Romanian.


Oh, OK. I was told on another one of these boards that it was not usual. I probably misunderstood the respondent then. They really should accept the sentences without the "pe" construction, then.


well, I'd rather thing like "potestasity" and, as you say, In French we definitely cannot omit "pas" in the negation " NE PAS" as in " JE NE VEUX PAS DE PAIN"


Why is "he is familiar with me" incorrect?

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