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  5. "ערב או לילה?"

"ערב או לילה?"

Translation:Evening or night?

November 29, 2016



This app is so coool


Is it wrong "afternoon or night?"


Afternoon = אחר הצהריים


why is לילה pronounced like "laila"?


Because it is. If you mean why isn’t it spelt ליילה, not all “ai” sounds are written with two yods, especially in common words.


I think it's best to say that Hebrew and Arabic often omit diacritics unless there are homographs in the sentence.


מה זה היה לא הבנתי כלום


They make stuff so confusing


What's the difference between evening and nighttime? I use both nighttime and evening interchangeably. Maybe it's just used in this sentence because we are learning new words. In Hebrew is there a real difference between the meanings of the 2 words?


Well, עֶ֫רֶב evening is only the time from dusk onwards, including the first hours of the night. PS. Note that in religious contexts or before temporal expressions, it even means only the time before it or the eve before it, like עֶ֫רֶב־שַׁבָּת is Friday evening until the sun is setting.


Does ערב have anything to do with عرب? They are the same three radicals in two closely related languages


Well, I thought it to be a cognate of Arabic غَرَبَ (ḡaraba) to set (of the sun, moon, etc.) and (ḡarb) غَرْب west, occident. Originally this ערב meant to enter, like Ugaritic ʿrb, to enter or Akkadian KU4.RA /erēbu/, to come in, specifically of money, goods, caravan, month, season, water: to come in, to arrive, to flow in. Some say that the word for Arabs developed from this to do business with, to show economic interest, caravan, carriage, as for a people of trade, but the ethonym is too old to be sure.


Oooh of course, I forget that ע can be both ع and غ, thanks!

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