" întrebați pe mine?"

Translation:Do you ask me?

November 29, 2016



I got it wrong with, "you're asking me?" which, ironically, is much more idiomatic and natural than "do you ask me", which does not sound like something a native speaker would say (since we would opt for a present progressive).

January 4, 2017


how were we supposed to guess the answer? the hints say "me ask of me"

November 29, 2016


hah... they forgot to add the subject... (you "voi") that is included in the verb's conjugation (2nd person, plural)... but they never show you this as a variant (for common talk, because in common talk we almost never use pronouns when we can use the verb to show to what we are refering)

November 29, 2016


If you read the information concerning the lesson it explains that the "pe mine" is just to accent the me. So it is are you asking ME? as opposed to someone else...

January 7, 2017


As Octavian points out, "you" (pl) is built into the ending, no subject pronoun needed.

January 4, 2017


Can it also be "do you question me?

September 13, 2018


'Are you asking me?' is more usual.

June 29, 2019
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