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"The child sees eleven bowls on the table."

Translation:Το παιδί βλέπει έντεκα μπολ στο τραπέζι.

November 29, 2016



why not πανω στο τραπεζι


This could be an alternative translation as well, I will make sure to add it now. Thank you for your comment. ^.^


Το μπωλ με ωμέγα είναι επίσης σωστό. Δεν είναι ελληνική λέξη. Αντί να βγάζετε λάθος την απάντηση γράψτε ως υπόδειξη ότι είναι μπολ με όμικρον


Ναι, σας ευχαριστούμε, έχει προστεθεί στις σωστές μεταφράσεις.


Is μπολ both singular and plural


Yes -- it doesn't end in one of the usual Greek noun endings, and so the endings don't change for number or case.


So μπολ is both plural and singular


True. Since it doesn't have a "proper" ending, you can't inflect it in Greek, and so it stays the same in singular and plural and in all cases as well.


the prompt offers ένδεκα and έντέκα but the system rejects the first as an option. Is that right?


"Ένδεκα" is also a correct answer, even though you'll probably never get to hear it. I tweaked something a little bit in one of the answers (not that it was wrong), so we'll see if that will resolve it. Always remember to report your sentences if you believe they are correct.


Yes - I sometimes do when I can't work out what's wrong. I hear the word ένδεκα as a hard D sound in English, but obviously you native speakers dont. Interesting. Incidentally, could we have a bit more time on timed practice because of moving from one alphabet to another when typing? That takes a few clicks per switch on my laptop.


το παιδί βλέπει ένδεκα μπολ πάνω από το τραπεζι.Γιατί δεν είναι σωστή;


It should be: Το παιδί βλέπει έντεκα μπολ στο τραπέζι. "από" is used with the idea of something moving away. Please use the Drop Down Hints to find the precise translation thus avoiding using incorrect translations which is not only distressful and time-consuming but may result in your remembering the wrong phrase.

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