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"Wine and coffee"

Translation:Rượu và cà phê

November 29, 2016



where have we been introduced to the 'vang' bit of "wine"?


Sorry,I don't understand your question? In real life, I'm a native speaker and I also don't know why we are called wine is " rượu vang " or " vang". Wine derived from France with name "Vin", maybe we call " vang " because it's same pronounce "vin" in France.


Wanted to reiterate that this is the only exercise that includes rượu vang instead of rượu. Rượu should also be accepted.


I agree, "vang" was not introduced before and should be removed.


'Rượu' translates as all wine as I understand it, including rice wine - if duolingo prefers we use 'Rượu vang' they should clarify which type of wine in the English sentence as 'Rượu vang' is (apparently?) for wines made from grapes.

My Vietnamese partner has never heard 'Rượu vang' but would use 'Rượu đỏ' for red wine and 'Rượu trắng' for white wine.


Half the time Duolingo uses "rượu" á wine (ưhen it actually translates to alcohol), and the rest of the time it's "rượu vang". So, DON'T mark it wrong when we answer just "rượu".


Earlier you have give us "rượi và cà phê" with translation "wine and coffee". Now suddenly has to be rượi vang. Who can guess this?


What is the translation for "rượu vang"? We've been tought "rượu" as wine in every former lesson.


What is the nho part here? And why is the vietnamese to english question without the nho?


I think rượu vâng is white wine


???? It literally had Rượu và cà phê within this same lesson and it translated to "wine and coffee" and now you're telling me it's wrong to use literally the same thing the lesson just taught me?


Every previous time wine is given as ruou and this time it is ruou vang. How would I know that?


If "rượu" is not equivalent to "rượu vang" than it should be introduced. Otherwise, the "rượu" should be accepted as the correct answer.


Not consistent with use of 'vang'


This exercise just told me that the correct translation of "Wine and coffee" was "Rượu vang và cà phê'. This is wrong; "wine" is best translated as "rượu nho" (Western-style grape wine; as opposed to Asian rice liquors) while "rượu vang" seems to be a typo of "rượu vàng" which means "white wine" specifically.

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