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  5. "Ei îi laudă pe copiii buni."

"Ei îi laudă pe copiii buni."

Translation:They praise the good children.

November 29, 2016



I'm really struggling to wrap my head around 'îi'. Doesn't that mean 'to him/her', but in this instance we're talking about more than on individual?

Also, what's the direct translation of this sentence (it helps me get my head around things)


There's this difference between "îl" -> "pe el" (him), "o" -> "pe ea" (her), "îi" -> "pe ei" (them masculine), "le" -> "pe ele" (them feminine).

"Ei îi laudă pe copiii buni. " = (direct translation) "They, «them masculine», praise, on, the children, «good plural»"


Thanks man! Romanian grammar is going to be the end of me!


I thought after 'pe' the word didn't need to be definite, shouldn't it be 'pe copii buni?'


My understanding is that you use the definite article if there is a qualifying adjective. So "pe copii" but "pe copiii buni"

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