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  5. "Sunt la serviciu."

"Sunt la serviciu."

Translation:I am at the job.

November 29, 2016



One does not say, "i am at job" in english. Strange translation for the answer on my mobile app


It isn't common, but I've heard "at the job" used in U.S. English by e.g. contractors.


why is "i am at the service" not accepted? as in i am at the car service or i am at the service of others...


in Romanian that would be ”sunt în serviciul (ciuva)”. This expression „sunt la serviciu”, is only/mainly used to say „I am at work”, or ”at the office” or ”at the job”, or in sport (tennis) „I am at the serve”, „it is my turn to serve the ball”. There is no other meaning for it. ”Serviciu” can mean „service” in an expression like ”Îți fac un serviciu”, (I am doing you a favor/service), but here, not really..


Hi, why is "They are at work" not accepted ? (I am at work => OK)


"Ei sunt la serviciul" would be "They are at work". If the sentence has only "sunt" in the beginning then it's refering to the speaker.


bad pronunciation at "sunt" only


I think one might say 'I am on the job' in English, tho' 'I am at the job' is OK.

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