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"Eu dau merele oricăruia vine primul."

Translation:I give the apples to anyone who comes first.

1 year ago


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In many cases I think that the translation of oricare should be whoever rather than anyone - it would certainly be more natural English to say that I give the apples to whoever comes first.

1 year ago


I totally agree with this. Maybe it needs to be reported?

1 year ago


I was presented with the following multiple choice answers to select from: oricăreia, oricare, oricărui, oricăror, oricărei, oricărora, and oricăruia.

oricăreia is the female genitive/dative of oricare.

oricăruia is the male genitive/dative of oricare.

Duolingo marks oricăruia as the correct answer but does not recognize oricăreia as a correct response. Can anyone explain why this is?

10 months ago


It probably needs to have the same gender as primul/prima

10 months ago


Hunger games :))

7 months ago