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Student log in for new class

I am BRAND new to duolingo for schools. I've set up my class and enrolled my students. I've even made an assignment. However, I do not know how my students access my class. When I tried to help one of my students log in, it only gave the option to set up a class. Is there some place that they sign in that they have an option to choose that they are a student? Most of my students have a duolingo account but I want them to use duolingo for schools as it is much more appropriate. I teach k-6. Thanks.

November 29, 2016



Duolingo for Schools is just a mechanism for teachers to monitor their students' use of Duolingo. There is no separate set of lessons; people using Duolingo to study a language use the same Duolingo lessons whether or not they're a member of a classroom. The only exception is that there is a setting teachers can use to remove certain words from their students' courses; words like "beer", "blood", "bomb", etc

Your students need go to the main Duolingo home page. They might need to hold the mouse over the flag at the top of the page and click add a new course, to assign the right Duolingo course to their account.

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