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  5. "Εσύ τρως τυρί."

"Εσύ τρως τυρί."

Translation:You eat cheese.

November 29, 2016



why there is no article "to" before cheese?

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Because το is the definite article for neuter nouns and the same as "the". You eat the cheese=εσύ τρως το τυρί, you eat cheese (not a specific one, generally)= εσύ τρως τυρί.


I know it would likely require a lot of work, but would it ever be possible to include the nominative and gender of a noun on when you hover the mouse over it? Just so you can remember why it's taking a certain form.


We could definitely include the gender. Nominative doesn't seem to necessary to me, because if you know the gender, you could guess the nominative after a while. Most nouns in Greek decline with certain endings:)

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