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"Please, stay with me until my father comes."

Translation:Te rog, rămâi cu mine până când vine tatăl meu.

November 30, 2016



”Te rog, stai cu mine până vine tatăl meu” should also be OK


Can somebody explain why " Te rog, tamai cu mine pana cand tatal meu vine! " is denied as wrong?


Is "tata" correct for "MY father" or is it an error? (I don't want to report it if my understanding is at fault) :)


Here diacritics really matter :-) tată = father, tatăl meu = my father, tata = dad, Note that in English it is possible to have both ”my father ” and ”my dad” while in Romanian ”tata” is always ”mine”. You will never find ”tata meu”, only ”tatăl meu”. ”Cine este el? - Este tata!”


Tata means father, tatăl is posessive, and you know whose father the sentence is talking about when you see the meu following it. Tatăl meu means my father.


Should not "Te rog, rămâi cu mine până când tatăl meu vine" also be okay? Or does the position of the verb matter here?


No. It is uncommon to hear "Te rog, rămâi cu mine până când tatăl meu vine", only "Te rog, rămâi cu mine până când vine tatăl meu". Same for ”până răsare soarele”, ”până cântă orchestra”, etc.

There are indeed cases when you can use it the other way:"Te rog, rămâi cu mine până când tatăl meu adoarme" or "Te rog, rămâi cu mine până când adoarme tatăl meu" are both used

Unfortunately I do not have an explanation for this :-(

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