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"The man eats garlic for breakfast."

Translation:Bărbatul mănâncă usturoi la micul dejun.

November 30, 2016



Gotta keep them vampires in check


Garlic for breakfast!


Why micul? The tips say it's mic dejun? Where is any of this vocabulary like garlic explained? I know because I grew up speaking Romanian (poorly), but for non-native speakers - and for me a few lessons from now - it's really confusing.

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mic = small/little; micul = the small/little; same as bărbat and bărbatul... If you want to learn more about Romanian words, I suggest you check THE free source: http://www.webdex.ro/online/dictionar/usturoi


Thank you so much


Doesnt "La" mean: at? Wouldnt that mean he eats garlic AT breakfast, not for?


I also do not get this. Sometimes "la" is needed, sometimes not. The logic behind that eludes me so far. I had a case "el mananca ... cine". I used the "la" in this case and that was not accepted. This in mind, I answered this question without the "la", and now that was wrong. Anyone with a deeper insight?


When you say at you mean at the time of breakfast, near an egg, some butter and another things. Using for make me think to the fact that the garlic is his only breakfast. Don't be upset, there were probably many such breakfasts for the author of this sentence...


Why is "omul" not accepted as well as "barbatul"?

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you should submit it as possible solution...


The word "om" is more general, it means "a person" and when we say "oameni" we talk about "men and women". Particularly, at singular person, "om" can be used as "bărbat" and must be accepted.


I don't understand

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