"George runs around the house."

Translation:George aleargă împrejurul casei.

November 30, 2016

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What is the difference between George fuge/alearga imprejurul/din jurul casei?


'Din jurul' means something different.

George e din jurul Craiovei = George is from around Craiova. George te-a sunat din jurul scolii = George called you (while being) around the school.


So do you mean it shouldn't be used for around the house or do you mean imprejul doesn't mean around in the same sense? Your reply only talks about din jurul. As a beginner it would be great to explain both termz.


Is there a difference between în jurul and împrejurul?


The conclusion I made was this: din jurul when I am DESCRIBING something or someone like The people around me but împrejurul is like the adverb I run around the house, or they are around the city. It is describing place. This is what I concluded I really wish if some native speaker confirms that.

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