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Keeping track of "trouble" vocabulary words

Is there some way to create my own set of flashcards (or something similar), to which I can add vocabulary words that I got wrong and would like to practice more? This would be very helpful in helping me learn specific words or phrases that are troublesome for me, without having to go through an entire lesson again.

June 18, 2012



Yes I would like this feature on the site. There are a lot of weird conjugations of verbs in German that I'd like to practice more before moving on. I'd be nice to have some kind of clipboard to add problem words to. Right now I'm just writing words down in notepad I want to practice.


Hey aadixit,

It seems Memrise is the place for you..



I would also recommend Anki (see http://duolingo.com/#/comment/2363).

I don't know what's under Duolingo's hood and if they use some kind of spaced repetition algorithm to generate the questions with both new words and with words that need to be revised. I doubt it, unfortunately they are silent about it despite several questions related to the subject.

Hey Duolingo team, an entry about it in the blog would be a nice idea :)


We’re going all apple on you guys ;)

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