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  5. "Who reads?"

"Who reads?"

Translation:Chi legge?

February 14, 2013



Why is the he/she/it form correct here? Surely the question refers to everyone, and so should be the they form?


This is because "everyone" is singular. For example, "Everyone is learning Italian here". Got it? So the third person form of "leggere" is correct for this sentence.


Ah, that is interesting - I assumed that "everyone" is plural, but you are correct, so thanks!


I thought it was because the word "reads" in English is singular, so it should be in Italian too xD


In english though, if i ask "who reads" the answer would be fine as "they do" (plural) or "he/she does" (singular). How would you ask the question to be specific? I'd say the english question doesn't specify whether its plural or not, and so asking for a specific plural/singular answer in Italian isn't that fair.


How would you say "who reads" in the -they- form? I think it would be chi leggono, am I wrong?


That's right - Chi leggono?


truely? there is no plural form for Who-questionin English i suppose. and what about Italian?


I answered the same way, I usually defer to the "they" meaning as it is not specific number and gender. But I think there's a gap between English and Italian here--you always know in Italian whether it's singular or plural.


"they" has specific number, always plural. You cannot say "Who reads" in the "they" form. "He, she, it, everyone, or who reads", but "they read". So, if you know that who is plural for sure, you might ask "Which group reads?" "Do they read?" Do you read?" So "Chi leggono?" would still be "Who reads?" or "Who are they that read?"


Well you can say which one of them reads


seriously, who reads anymore.


Anyone know why you can't say "che" here?


Che means what (or that).


Is Chi always Chi regardless of the gender or singularity?


why isn't leggere used here?


I'm confused on a different question it said the answer for this was chi leggi but now that I get this question I answer chi leggi and it says this is correct how am I supposed to tell the difference?


I accept that I got this one wrong on the first try, but this is a weird question to throw at us without context.

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