"Why don't we rest?"

Translation:Γιατί δεν ξεκουραζόμαστε;

November 30, 2016

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Ξεκουραζουμε. Ξεκουραζομαστε. Why do the endings change?


why not "Γιατί δεν ξεκουραζούμε"? why don't we relax


The verb is passive in form: ξεκουράζομαι "to rest".

So the "we" form is ξεκουραζόμαστε.


Thanks. I also put ξεκουραζούμε


Ξεκουράζουμε (the accent on α) is the active voice form of the verb for example as in ξεκουράζουμε τα πόδια μας=we are resting our feet. :)


thanks for your answer, but it is not what I want to know. There is the active word : ξεκουράζω / with the meaning I have a rest. why don't we use it?


As far as I can tell, the active ξεκουράζω is not "I have a rest" but rather "I rest [something" -- e.g. "these glasses rest my eyes" or "I want to rest my mind a little" but not the intransitive "I rest, I relax", which is the reflexive/middle voice ξεκουράζομαι.


Can this sentence be translated as a suggestion? As in "We've run a long way. Why don't we rest?" = "We've run a long way. How about we rest?"

(As opposed to the more obvious direct translation as a question. Example "We always lose the game because we never rest at halftime. Why do we do that? Why don't we rest?")


It would be the same in both cases, plus one option for your first example, which also exists in English: Τι λες να ξεκουραστούμε; = What do you say we rest?


G. Georgopoulos: My answer, which Duolingo rejected, was Γιατί δεν ξεκουραστούμε; Should it have been accepted? I was not confident enough to report it as wrongly rejected by the system. I also wanted to ask if there is a notification system I am not aware of that alerts users to replies to questions posted here. I never know if someone has responded or not. Should I be saving the page so I can return to it periodically to check? Thank you.


what is wrong with γιατι δεν εμεις ξεκουραζόμαστε; This was rejected as wrong


You have the wrong word order. Use one of these.

Εμείς γιατί δεν ξεκουραζόμαστε;

Γιατί δε ξεκουραζόμαστε εμείς;


Thank much very you!!

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