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It would be nice if we could exclude the alphabet from practice

I've finished the tree and am impressed by the consistent high quality of the course. Well done...

There's just one thing. I'm guessing that those alphabet questions at the beginning are not the most popular lessons. But now when I hit "practice" I keep getting questions like

δ δελτα γ γαμα π πι

And I get them wrong because they are confusing, so Duolingo keeps thinking I want to practice them instead of all the Greek vocabulary i would like to practice.

Maybe in the future there might be an "exclude this from practice" option...

November 30, 2016



I can totally sympathize. I'm not learning Greek, but I've had similar mishaps. I also think that your idea is a really good one. Here's a lingot for... (fill in the blank, I'm not sure myself)


Yes I agree with this. It makes the strengthen function very annoying to use since I have to go through the tedious alphabet lessons over and over.


Fully agree. Great course, but the alphabet stuff is weird and hampers progress. It would cool to have a kind of "nailed it" status on certain items, especially at the lower levels, so that once you've got them right, say, 3 times, they would never come back at you again - i.e. they would "stay gold forever".


I agree! I want only to learn vocabulary and reading - no need or desire to write. Is there a way to delete that part?

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