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"Ingen vil ansøge til det job."

Translation:Nobody wants to apply for that job.

November 30, 2016



"Nobody will apply to that job" seems okay?


Please could somebody explain why it is wrong to translate det and den in these kind of sentences as ‘the’ rather than ‘that’. Thanks.


I think, Duo wants literal translations, that's it


Thanks. I’m sure you are right. Looking at it again, I can see I was forgetting that ‘the job’ would be ’joben’.


Because duolingo is full of mistakes. Just as bad is it that in this course, nearly half of all sentences have some words that are pronounced wrong, sometimes even changing the meaning of the word - because they've chosen to use genetic computer generated voice input, rather than have real humans record the sound of the language, or at least correct the voice input that is wrong.

Regards, a Dane reviewing duolingo in my own language, before accidentally wasting a lot of time trying to learn a language for real with this. If this software teaches you things that are wrong again and again in one language, I don't believe that it's going to be different in another. Too bad for the people who wasted their time and effort learning words and sentences that just aren't correct.

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