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Vet någon på svenska filmer med undertexter på svenska eller engelska?

Jag har hittat många videor på YouTube med engelska undertexter. Det är bra men jag skulle vilja se (längre) filmer. Finns det svenska tv-programmar att jag skulle kan se?

Tack (och jag är ledsen för dalig svenska)!

November 30, 2016



Låt Den Rätta Komme In / Let The Right One In - a young boy meets a vampire who moves into his apartment block in 1980s Stockholm. It's kind of a coming-of-age movie. One of the best films of recent years, never mind from Sweden. Do not watch the American remake- Let Me In -by mistake. :)

Äta Sova Dö / Eat, Sleep, Die - an unemployed immigrant girl tries to find a new job while looking after her sick father.

Män Som Hatar Kvinnor / The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - no introduction needed.

Vi Är Bäst / We Are The Best - a group of teenage girls start a punk band in earlys 1980s Stockholm.

All recent, all awesome. :)

  • Edit: one quick correction - längre means longer. A langare is like a drug dealer. If that's the kind of film you like, then I can recommend Pineapple Express. :)


Sorry, I forgot the umlaut. I meant längre.


Vi är Bäst sounds fun. Thanks for that suggestion.


I just got the Jag är Nyfiken/ I am Curious set. I haven't watched them yet so I can't tell you much about them except they weren't available for online streaming anywhere that I could find. And that is was banned for a while in Massachusetts, USA and when it played in Houston, Texas someone an arsonist set fire to one of the theaters it played in.

If you like older films I recommend Ingmar Bergman's Persona.

I would also recommend Män Som Hatar Kvinnor and the sequels (I still haven't gotten around to seeing the remakes cause Noomi Rapace was so good I can't picture anyone else as Lisbeth Salander.

I also liked Force Majeure, Ondskan, Patrik 1,5, Vi.


Late answer, but in case someone else is looking for the same thing: They're not originally Swedish, but DVDs (and other formats of the type) of the Swedish dubs of Disney movies come with English subtitles, so you could watch the Swedish dub with English subs. I don't know if European discs work on non-European players, but I thought I could mention it at least.

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