"Keine Frau ist so natürlich schön wie du!"

Translation:No woman is as naturally beautiful as you!

February 21, 2014



This should be in the flirting section!


RobinCard I was gonna say the same! Great minds think alike! :)


Have you tried the flirting section......This is better than anything there ! Also we need a cursing module.


Oh, yeah! Rather than swearing, how to be sarcastic and sardonic - 'I can't discuss this with you, I make it a point never to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent' kinda thing. Yes, please. :)

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It is actually full of pretty lame sentences; I seriously doubt that would work on most German women...


I tried that one with my wife. When I told her what it means, she smiled a big smile.


Why is it not correct: ''No woman is so naturally beautiful like you''? Edited: DL said it is wrong bud as a correct answer it gives me: ''No woman is so naturally beautiful AS you''. So why is here ok to use AS and not the LIKE word?


It's just not normal English, I'm afraid.


'Like you' is more normal than 'as you' in this sentence though, 'as you' sounds incorrect... It would make more sense as 'No woman is as naturally beautiful as you'


The one they gave you as correct: ''No woman is so naturally beautiful AS you'' doesn't sound normal to this native English speaker either. The one that sounds right is "No woman is as naturally beautiful as you!" With the sentence structured the way it is, "as...as" is the best choice. IT would be the same in any comparison structured that way (No horse is as fast as that horse. No athlete is as skilled as that one. No language is as difficult as English, etc.). I would only use "like" if I said something along the lines of: "There is no horse like that horse." or "There is no language like German."


You're such a tease duolingo, and I am flattered. However ich bin kein frau. Ich bin ein mann!


Ich bin keine Frau :)


No wife is as naturally beautiful as you is marked wrong?


Question: Does this mean -A: 'you are naturally beautiful, the most naturally beautiful woman in the world' OR does it mean B: 'You are beautiful, so beautiful that it CANNOT be natural'...? Option A definitely belongs in the flirting section, option B in the 'I am looking for a fight' section :)


I am not a native english speaker. So, anyone can explain me what's the difference between 'like you' and 'as you' (in this context)


From a native English speaker. If you start a sentence in English using "as" in a comparison, then you will use "as" again for the second half of the comparison rather than "like." So for example, I might say, "No woman is AS beautiful AS my wife." But I would never say, "No woman is AS beautiful LIKE my wife." English speakers would probably understand what you are saying, but they would immediately say to themselves, "He's still learning English." Regarding some of the related questions on this thread, I also would never say, "No woman is SO beautiful AS my wife." That also sounds odd to a native English speaker. Now, if I'm speaking TO my wife, there are a couple of options. I might say, "You are SO beautiful (Meaning: I can't believe how pretty you are and how lucky I am.). I might also say to her, "There is no one LIKE you" (meaning: you are one of a kind). I might also say to her: "No woman is AS beautiful AS you" (Meaning: You're the most beautiful woman on earth). I hope that is helpful.


Thank you Perichoresis. I knew that 'as'... requires after it also 'as'. But i was confused because i answered 'so (not as) beautiful like you' - and my answer was rejected...


Is this "natural" in the sense of "You are beautiful without make up" or "You are beautiful, of course"?


Ich denke, dieser Satz sollte in 'flirting' Teil sein

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Why schön is not accepted as "nice" here? I think is accepted in other parts, but, other than on Duo, is schön something semantically stronger than "nice"?


It's confusing when "natürlich" can mean : of course : native : naturally : certainly : sure: artless : healthy : elemental : needless to say : Naive : biodegradable : Most of which are adjectives & not adverbs.


"no woman is so naturally as beautiful as you" was marked wrong... I've reported it because I don't see the problem.


I believe you either say "no woman is so naturally beautiful as you" or "no woman is naturally as beautiful as you"; using both "so" and "as" makes the sentence sound off, but I cannot say for sure because I'm not a native english speaker. :)


That sounds correct to me. Dizz's sentence I think is technically correct grammer, but it would mean something like "no woman is as beautiful as you in so natural a way". It definitely isn't a usual construction.

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