"A vrea o prăjitură"

Translation:To want a cake

November 30, 2016



cupcake is more like "briosa".

May 19, 2017


prăjitură wouldn't that mean cookie rather than cupcake? I mean cupcake is specifically a British pastry....

November 30, 2016


prăjitură has a rather large meaning in romanian, it can mean any kind of cooked sweets

November 30, 2016


I'm with you! I just arrived from Romania and when I was offered prajitura it was a wide variety of little pieces of cake with nuts, chocolate and or cream

January 3, 2018


Don't think so. In British usage, cookies are a very specific type of biscuit. In American, cookie is used as a catch-all term for basically any type of biscuit, but as far as I know does not extend to cakes. Most people on Duo are saying prăjitură can refer to any kind of cake, but certainly isn't specific to cupcakes, and Romanians would use the word biscuiți for biscuits (cookies in American).

December 1, 2016
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